Cloud Based Billing

Transportation, Video Entertainment, Energy, Ports & Logistics, Internet & Communication, Cloud Hosting, for You.
Any Rating, Charging and Pricing Strategy
Our Solution Gives African Enterprises the Ability to Monetize Any Business Model.

newenBilling, helping African enterprises turn Value into Revenue

The Premium Cloud Billing Platform

We provide flexibility, scalability, and speed of delivery unparalleled to any other cloud billing system available. Our Solution gives you the power to easily support any monetization model, the synergy to support a large and evolving ecosystem, and the agility to dramatically increase speed to market and capture opportunities before the competition. We offer full dynamic support for:

Subscription Management


Advanced Invoicing and Rating

Unlimited Platform Extensions

Business Intelligence


Account Receivables (AR) and Finance

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Multi-Level Account Hierachies

Revenue Recognition

Our Cloud Billing Solution Provides Strong Business Value

Solution Ownership

The Customizations made with our solution are accessible through the app itself. This means the customer owns their Cloud platform and can easily manage, customize and extend it at will without relying on us.

Flexibility & Speed

Our flexibility ensures that companies can remain nimble and rapidly change their products, services and business processes to meet future demands and converging markets in a global economy.


Our integration and development framework allows for a cohesive and relevant solution as a stand-alone application or as part of a larger enterprise and ecosystem. The rapid extensibility of our cloud system significantly lowers cost and dramatically shortens change cycles.