Flexing to Fit
Your Industry

Our billing solution is agnostic and can flex to meet the needs of any industry, offering comprehensive features that help enterprises thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Energy and Utilities (including Waste and Water)

Industry deregulation and technological development are changing the business model of energy and utility businesses. As a pioneer in usage-based billing, energy utilities are moving toward time-of-day rating that has further complicated operations. In addition, energy consumers have evolving alternatives like solar and wind power. These alternatives require new billing design strategies, allowing for competitive services and power bundles that provide economic advantages.Notwithstanding the segment of the energy value chain (generation, transmission, distribution or off-grid) or the scale of your business, we provide a cost-effective platform that can respond to multiple scenarios including the converged billing of multiple services, real-time, prepaid or postpaid billing using smart meters etc.

Transportation (Tolls, Airlines, Road, Water and Rail)

As Africa’s transportation infrastructure is being built and modernized –from rail systems, to bus rapid transit systems, water transport, airlines and toll systems –we are positioned to provide the end-to-end monetization platform to help commercialize these assets.We know it is not enough to put in place transportation infrastructure or just the ability to collect payments from consumers. To maximize monetization potential, enterprise must incorporate a flexible technology layer that allows product innovation, including anytime travel, peak/off-peak travel, group travel, season travel, etc.Our agile monetization platform provides the technology layer that enables the commercialization of your assets.

Media, Entertainment & Lifestyle

Modern media comes in many formats, from print media to a wide array of digital services including on-demand video, music streaming, pay TV, e-libraries, gaming, etc. Modern lifestyle products (Gym/Spa, Clubs, HMO, Estates) are also on the rise, requiring businesses to effectively commercialize services.Billing for these formats is equally vast with limitless permutations of subscriptions, metered charges, packaging, bundling, upgrades and downgrades. This requires enough flexibility to support marketing, sales, delivery, and collection.This exactly where our solution excels. We support endless configurations of product, packaging, charging, invoicing, and collections for rapid transformation in a highly evolving world economy.

Internet Service and Telecommunications

In an environment of heavy competition and global ubiquity, internet service and telecommunications services continue to evolve both in function as well as complexity. The ability to provide unified product offerings with several billable dimensions on both retail and wholesale levels is critical to success in this market.Our extensible billing solution provides new opportunities for competitive pricing and packaging, whether through a mix of metered, reservation, and subscription charges that could also include other complementary services such as VoIP, audio conferencing, video on-demand and gaming.

Data Centre and Cloud Services

The African cloud has arrived and to realize their margin potential, Cloud Service Providers must support new business models and agile billing approaches.Is your business able to offer flexible service bouquet, with special offers for a grouped audience to gain a competitive edge in the market? Service providers need the capability to transparently and accurately invoice customers. Dynamic tiered, time-of-day and usage-based pricing are must-haves. How agile is your billing operation to support reseller and other indirect sales business models?Our extensible billing solution provides new opportunities for competitive pricing and packaging, whether through licensed packages or usage-based rating. It allows the offer one-time services as well, which could be a critical differentiator in this highly competitive market.