Accounting and Revenue Recognition

We make it easy to recognize revenue accurately and efficiently by integrating with your organization’s financial system structure and providing real-time updates.

Avoid costly errors and delays in financial systems

Streamline disconnects between product development, customer activity and accounting.

General Ledger Integration

Configure our billing platform to conform with the your existing accounting structure; real-time assignment eliminates manual reconciliations.

Revenue Recognition

Supports diverse recognition scenarios that could include a set point-in-time, scheduled by specific time intervals, or by obligation for milestone completion.


We help you increase business agility while maintaining compliance with tax regulations in all the locations in which you and your customers operate.

Regulatory Compliance

Superior handling of accounts, contracts, charging and revenue recognition means better adherence to international standards including GAAP, ASC606, IFRS15, PCI, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

International Capabilities

With the globalization of business growing exponentially, use our solution to handle multiple currencies, time zones, languages, and tax authorities within one system.