Advanced Pricing and Rating Capabilities

Our billing solution supports all types of pricing models, product bundles, tiered and volume pricing, discounts, multi-level and multi-currency contracts, promotions, fees and one-time charges.

Price even the most complex offerings easily and accurately

Deploy and manage pricing for physical or digital products, services, metered usage or recurring revenue

Unlimited Rating Capabilities

We separate product information from rating and pricing attributes, which means you can price offerings with custom business rules without creating a new product instance each time, thus controlling SKU proliferation.

Metered Usage Rating & Collection

Charge your customers based on actual consumption of products or services. Collect consumption data from any system in any format. More importantly, rating is real-time allowing you to benefit from immediate usage charges.

Subscription Management

Address subscriptions with robust management tools and configurable business rules to handle renewals, terminations, upgrades, downgrades, proration, mid-cycle changes, extensions and revenue recognition.

Tiered Pricing

Adopt more creative sales strategies using tiered pricing to encourage higher consumption. With tiered pricing, you can offer customers discounted pricing on any usage that passes a certain threshold, which means they get more value from using your products more.

One Time Fees

In addition to recurring charges, our solution supports one-time charges and fees such as ad-hoc product sales or late fees.


Promotions –Move swiftly to address competitive opportunities by providing promotions, discounts, coupons or other incentives.